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David Lankford is a servant of the Lord, scriptorian, dynamic preacher and excellent speaker. He is the host of "The Voice of Evangelism," an international radio program. Pastor Lankford is an old-fashioned, anointed man of God who the Lord is greatly using in this hour to proclaim the Word, make appeals for true repentance and to help bring healing into the body of Christ.
  Steve Quayle is a world renown researcher and author who has published over ten books on a wide variety of subjects ranging from ancient giants, to the UFO Phenomenon, to the Nazis and Antarctica, to the rise of transhumanism. Since his days as a popular radio talk show host, Quayle has been arming his audience with the Knowledge to prepare them for the heart-stopping realities that are coming upon the earth.
Irvin Baxter is an American Pentecostal minister, televangelist, author and biblical scholar who hosts the internationally syndicated biblical prophecy television program, End of the Age, who also is the founder and President of Endtime Ministries, a christian organization devoted to presenting his views on christian eschatology.
  Jimmy D. Smith is a second-generation Church of God Preacher, born on March 9, 1949 in Brandon, Mississippi. Feeling a special calling and desire to plant churches, Jimmy Planted 5 churches while pastoring Southhaven, 35 churches during his 4 years as State Evangelism Director for the state of Virginia, and organized over 154 churches during his more than 20 years as State Administrative Bishop.
Russ is a man who loves people deeply, he is a husband, father and now a very happy grandfather. As a 'demonologist' (a researcher of and 35+ years of doing 'exorcisms'-deliverance ministry) he has studied both the scriptures and has researched the underworld for over 40 years.
Hugo deGaris is an expert in artificial intelligence and robotics. Before retiring in 2010, deGaris ran the Artificial Brain lab at Xiamen University, China, where he taught theoretical physics and computer science. He is probably best known for his concept of the Artilect War in which he predicts that a sizable proportion of humanity will not accept being cyborg and will not permit the risk of human extinction at the hands of godlike artilects. 
Douglas J. Hagmann and his son, Joe Hagmann host The Hagmann & Hagmann Report, a live internet radio program broadcast each weeknight. Douglas Hagmann, founder and director of the Northeast Intelligence Network, and multi-state licensed private investigative agency. Doug began using his investigative skills and training to fight terrorism and increase public awareness through his website.
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