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The sole purpose of this ministry is to be obedient to the Lord in preaching the gospel to all people that the lost may be saved and that the righteous be encouraged and edified. The program is hosted by Pastor David Lankford, a renown scriptorian and evangelist. The ministry is totally supported by the program listeners. As you can see, the program is available via Shortwave or on the computer via the Internet.

3-26-20 Talking it Out Ep.4 Days of Darkness

3-19-20 Talking it Out Ep.3 A time for preparation

3-24-20  Having failed God what do I do?

3-17-20 Understanding Gods timing in your life Pt.VIII

3-23-20 Understanding Gods timing in your life Pt.IX        

3-16-20 Understanding Gods timing in your life Pt.VII

3-23-20                                              ALERT UPDATE!     

3-13-20 Wisdom and knowing the difference


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